Registration Information


Divisions for 2018

Juniors - U6, U8, U11, U14, U17

Seniors - Div 1, Div 2, Div 3 (Women Only), Masters


In 2018, all players wishing to participate in hockey across Queensland are required to pay the Hockey Qld and Hockey Australia fee upfront when registering online*.  Details of the fees are shown below. 

*Payment must be made using Visa or Mastercard (Debit and Credit) or by logging in to your PayPal account (if applicable

 If you register to play you must select one of the following 4 main types of registrations 


All members (new and renewing) are required to register to their Club through this Online Member Registration Portal


RENEWING PLAYERS.....Select  Login
NEW PLAYERS.....Select  Registration


NB: If you are registering more than 1 person at a time BUT to different Clubs, you MUST complete the first person for the 1st Club, submit & pay, exit that registration then start a new registration in the new Club
(or you will be all registered to the 1 Club!)


2018 Hockey Queensland Fee Structure


*Total amount payable online at time of registration (inclusive of GST and fees)
Registration Type HQ HA Insurance TOTAL*

Under 10 (Stick2Hockey)

(4-9yrs as of 31 Dec 2018)

$16.50 $8.50 N/A $25.00*


(10-17yrs as of 31 Dec 2018)

$38.00 $17.00 $10.00 $65.00*


(18-20yrs as of 31 Dec 2018)

$59.00 $17.00 $10.00 $86.00*


(Over 20yrs as of 31 Dec 2018)

$82.00 $28.50 $25.00 $135.50

Payment of the above fee must be paid PRIOR to taking the field in order for a player to be covered by Insurance.

You may also be required to pay a Club/Association fee at time of registration - contact your Club/Association directly regarding any additional fees. 

Other Online Registrations offered

Non Playing Social Members (Over 18 yr) Eligible for weekly Members Draw $5.00
MDHA Double Registration - Different Clubs (playing for two different clubs within MDHA) No fee

To login to your account you will need the email address you were registered under for the 2017 season.  If you do not know your email address or if this has changed, please contact your Club and they can advise you of your email address or update your details so that you can login and register.  You Club Database Administrator is shown in the Clubs tab.
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this through the login page providing your email address is correct.

As per Rule 15. MDHA By-Laws   -  DUAL REGISTRATION
Dual Registration shall be the term used to describe a player registered with two Hockey Queensland affiliated Associations in any one playing season. 
(a) Players wishing to Dual Register with MDHA as their secondary association, must apply in writing, using the following steps: 
i.    Player registers online to their PRIMARY club and pays the prescribed fee.
ii.   Player obtains permission in writing from their primary club to dual register with a secondary club within a different association for the current season.
iii.  Once approval has been obtained from the player’s primary club, the player advises the secondary club of their intention to dual register.
iv.  If dual registration is accepted by the secondary club, this club must advise their Association on the relevant form (including a copy of the primary club’s approval) that they are accepting a dual registered player. 
v.  If the secondary association approves the Dual Registration (i.e. the player has met all requirements), the association is responsible for completing the Dual Registration process by adding the player as a new member to the relevant club console.
(b) Players listed as QAS Squad Members are exempt from applying for dual registration however, MDHA must be advised in writing of such registration.
(c) The Primary Affiliated Association shall have first call on the player for representative selection at all times. (d) All Dual Registered players must be registered the day before their first match, as per Rule 14, and be liable for fees set by the secondary association/club.
Double Maryborough Registration shall be the term used to describe a player who is registered in two (or more) MDHA teams/clubs in the current playing year. Where a player wishes to double register with a second or subsequent club, the player’s primary club shall advise the MDHA on the relevant form
i.    that permission is given for the player to Double Register with another club and
ii.   the team(s) in which the player wishes to play Players can then register online to their secondary club/s using the “MDHA Double Registration” subscription, no later than the day prior to participation in a match. 
(a) Players turning 13 in the current playing year may Double Register to a Senior team with:
i.    their primary club or
ii.   another MDHA club (in accordance with clauses i and ii above)
(b) Players registered in a senior team whose Club/Association does not field higher Senior teams than the one in which he/she is registered may register with another Club/Association that does, to allow them to play in that grade.
(Note: Players Primary registered with Hervey Bay Hockey Association and playing for Hervey Bay Hockey in the MDHA competition must Double Maryborough Register with Hervey Bay Hockey via the online Registration process)