U18 Teams - 2018

2018 Maryborough Rep Teams 

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent Maryborough in the Wide Bay Zone Championships for 2018 Season.

  U18 Men U18 Women
1 Andrew Beardmore Emma Bellingham
2 Diarmid Chappell Anniston Chappell
3 Tarack Chappell Hannah Cullum-Sanders
4 Ayden Hatchman Jasmine Fagg
5 Jack MacDonald Phoebe Fraser
6 Laird McKay Andie Griffin
7 Patrick Mushan Bailey Jeffrey
8 Nate Redmond Madeline Kenny
9 Bryce Robinson Isabella McMahon
10 Mathew Robinson Millie Mushan
11 Jye Walters Keely Reilly
12 Jaspa Wright Annelyse Tevant
13   Taryn Stretton